I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at George Mason University in Northern Virginia. This year, I have started teaching courses for mathematics specialists (a.k.a. elementary and middle schools teachers who specialize in learning about math and helping other teachers learn about math). To help me in this endeavor, I’m also enrolled in a MOOC scheduled to start in January 2013. The course is called E-Learning and Digital Cultures. and so far is bringing together people from all over the world interested in learning in a digital world.

I’m hoping to learn more about how digital learning and people’s digital lives intersect. So far, teaching online has been a great experience for me as a teacher and I would like to be able to make it an even more enriching opportunity for my students in helping them connect and apply the content in new and innovative ways. In the Coursera course, I’m hoping also to learn what it’s like to be a learner in an online environment to help me become a better online instructor.