Non-digital communication #edcmooc

In week one of the E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC, we watched a short film called Inbox that explored how two strangers could be linked by a red bag as magical communication device. The bag worked by sending whatever was in the bag to the partner/connected bad. So, the young woman and the young man starting chatting back and forth by post-it note. There was a lot of debate around authentic communication and whether people could “know” each other digitally and then connect in person as well. Did the technology (the bag) symbolize a connection? A separation? A space? The modern day version of writing love letters? (An art some say is lost).

In this short film, Sticky Note, there’s a similar theme. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but we have a case where two young college students make a connection via post-it note even when sitting face-to-face. Is the connection authentic? Did the mediation of the sticky note allow the young man to express some creativity? Does the post-it note serve as short term introduction to long term communication?

Leading me to wonder, given all the modes we have for communication, why do we seem to regard the face-to-face as the “default” and everything is compared to that. Recalling that romances once were conducted by letter and telegram, are we still exploring new ways of communication? Or, mediation of communication that allow time for reflecting and pausing that face-to-face does not? How are we or our students allowed to communicate in creative ways?


One thought on “Non-digital communication #edcmooc

  1. Enjoyed Sticky Note thanks. I thought a very creative approach which had its result (don’t want to ruin it for others either) Youth are inventing their own romantic communication connection rituals with texting/social media (maybe now post it notes) but once they get together face to face is still the preferred option 🙂

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